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JMD Studios is a dance studio that focuses on the whole child. Our mission is to provide our students with a nurturing and family-friendly atmosphere where they can learn, grow, and gain confidence. We strive to create an inclusive space where everyone is welcome and all are celebrated. Our classes are designed to develop skills that will last a lifetime. 

Come join us and find out how dance can help you reach your potential.

Why Choose JMDS?


There are so many choices out there, why should you choose us? 

  • CPR and first aid trained staff.

  • Specialized preschool curriculum 

  • Virtual class viewing for parents

  • Cohesive curriculum for all ages

  • We background check our staff

  • Instructors who love what they do

  • Continuing education for our staff

  • Two annual performances

  • Rising leader mentoring program

  • Warm, friendly environment

  • We are truly a family!

Come Discover The Difference!
Children's Classes



Our children's classes are designed to give growing bodies the right training at the right time.  Having developmentally appropriate programs that children can thrive and feel successful in is totally our jam!  To become accomplished dancers we must love it first, and that is what our classes are all about.  




Our programs for older kids are designed to build confidence and create a comfortable space to move while expressing ourselves.  We celebrate every child from the newest beginner to the most advanced.  We offer leadership mentoring programs for our older students as creating great humans is just as important as creating great dancers.

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