JMD Studios has paused offering birthday parties at this time.  We hope to bring them back Fall 2022.


JMD Studios  themed birthday parties are a great way to celebrate your child’s special day! We offer four standard birthday packages based on themes that we have found to be a hit in the past. All of our standard birthday packages include the following:


PARTY ROOM: Our party room will be set up with tables and chairs for the dancer and her party guests. Simple party decorations such as streamers, table cloths, happy birthday signs and non-helium balloons will decorate the space. An extra table for gifts and / or food will be supplied as well. Extra seating will set up around the perimeter of the room for adult party goers. All paper products for food must be supplied by the person booking the party.  You may supply your own or extra decorations if you wish, we only ask that you drop them off 24 hours in advance.


TIME LINE: In our experience we find a party of two hours in length is perfect. 30min - Meet & Greet Craft, 45min - Dance Class, 45min - Your Time For Cake & Presents,   You will also be allowed in the studio 1/2 hour prior to the party time and we allow 1/2 hour for assisted clean up afterwards.


BOOKING DAYS & TIMES: Parties Available for immediate booking online Saturdays from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.  


DANCE CLASS DETAILS: The dance class portion of the class is designed to be fun for all the children in attendance. Both those who have had dance experience and those who have not will find it enjoyable. The style of dance will fit the theme of the party as outlined below. The class will include a warm up & instruction of a short routine to show to parents at the conclusion of the party. Other activities may be included time permitting. Children do not have to dress in dance clothing. Comfy clothing and stocking feet are quite acceptable.


CRAFT DETAILS: All supplies for the craft will be supplied by JMD Studios. We offer standard crafts based on the theme of the party chosen. We also supply large smocks to cover clothing. If you wish to have a specialized craft other than those indicated in the themed descriptions below we can adjust per your request and any extra charge would be based on the cost of the materials.


FOOD & DRINK Our philosophy on birthday parties is simple is best. Therefore we suggest pizza, cupcakes and juice boxes for party guests. All food must be supplied by the person booking the party. Please note that we do not have freezer space at the studio and refrigerator space is very limited as we only have a dorm sized fridge in the kitchen. Ultimately it is up to you what you would like to serve your guests but we have been told time and time again by parents that they love the "no hassle, no stress" philosophy of simple is best!!


THE COST OF OUR STANDARD BIRTHDAY PARTIES $150 for the Dancer + 9 guests Additional guests may be added for $10 each. See our standard themes below! Standard parties are presented as described with colors and decorations being standard. 


THE COST OF OUR CUSTOM BIRTHDAY PARTIES $200 for the Dancer + 9 guests Additional guests may be added for $10 each. 


TERMS A deposit of $75 is required at the time of booking and is non-refundable. Final head count is due 7 days prior to the party date. Balance based on headcount given 7 days prior is due upon arrival to the party.




Fairytale Princess Party - Best For Ages 3 - 6 Dancers will be our guest as they have a blast diving under the sea, wishing upon a star and taking a magic carpet ride during their ballet based class. Let us know your favorite princess and we will be sure to include her favorite songs in your class! All guests will make a magical sparkly fairy wand  or a princess tiara (your choice) that they can take home with them as a party favor. Your princess will be sure to have a dreamy time!!!  Décor:  Pink, white & pastels.


Pop Diva - Best For Ages 5 - 7 Dancers will have stars in their eyes as they dance the time away to their favorite (age appropriate) pop star hits in this jazz based dance class. Can you show us that diva walk ladies? Let us know your favorite pop diva and we will be sure to include her songs in your class! All guest will make diva-licious binged out sunglasses because our stars are so bright we gotta have shades!   Décor:  Purple, Black, Silver & Touches of Pink


Hip Hop Hooray - Best For Ages 7+ Dancers will hit the dance floor with fresh hip hop moves during this hip and popular party. As always content is kept age appropriate! Each dancer will get to make their own hip hop visor that they will get to take home as a party favor. There is not too much to say about this party as it is too cool for words.


CUSTOM BIRTHDAY PARTY THEMES -  ($50 extra)  Does your child have their heart set on a specific theme? We are more than happy to accommodate you! Some of the themes we have done in the past include: Michael Jackson Under The Sea Beach Blast And More!!